Motivational Talks Background


This presentation is guaranteed to open the eyes of those that are simply too lazy to see. It is loaded with humour and suitable for diverse audiences of all ages, religions and cultures. Hein leaves the audience with the burning question: “I am blind… What is your excuse..?”

Hein recommends this talk for corporate dinners, award ceremonies, gala & fundraising events, product launches etc. Basically any function, formal or informal.

A slightly adapted version of this talk is also available for schools, colleges and universities.


This presentation takes the audience on a moving journey of Hein’s view on the world he lives in. He shares some of his light and dark moments as well as his personal recipe to achieve extraordinary results.

Hein recommends this keynote for any kind of conference or seminar that deals with any theme or topic including sales, marketing, leadership, strategic planning, team building, project planning / kick-off or just pure staff motivation.


The team building session kicks off with an all round introduction that is followed by a 45-minute powerful and emotional motivational talk. This moves the audience into a dimension of positive thinking.

The talk is followed by an interactive session that includes a number of exercises to improve the level of understanding, respect and sense of belonging within the group.

Hein contracts confidentiality with the group and through the above mentioned techniques create an environment of trust wherein people share on a deeper level to ultimately have a far better understanding of everyone in the group/team.

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Dinner in the Dark Background

An unique and unforgettable experience without comparison.

What?: A three course meal is served in total darkness.

How?: Hein facilitates the evening and guides the guests through their experience in the dark. As there are a number of technical requirements to hosting Dinner in the Dark, Hein prefers using preselected venues for this event. The venue is blocked out completely ensuring that no light seeps in.

Please Note: mobile phones, lighters and watches that glow in the dark will be kept in safe keeping during dinner.

Guests do not see the venue prior to the event and are normally unaware of the fact that they will be served dinner in total darkness. The venue is loaded by table and guests meet their highly skilled blind waiter, who will assist them to their table, in the dark. Guests are not aware that their waiters are blind. This will only be revealed once the lights are switched on.

Why: With one sense temporarily removed guests have to rely on their other four senses and the people around them to navigate through the evening. This concept can be linked to various themes including:
Leadership and Respect

Hein can tailor-make the messaging of Dinner in the Dark to suite your company’s core values and/or goals, product launches, client experiences and staff motivation etc.

Dinner in the Dark Quick facts:
Suitable for 20 – 250 guests
No light generating devices will be allowed into the venue
Venue loaded table by table
Detailed table list including dietary requirements essential

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Sports and Adventure Background

On the 9th of March 2014 Hein completes the Antarctica marathon, known to be the toughest marathon on the planet.

On 14 April 2013 Hein becomes an Ironman by completing the 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and
42.2km run in 12 hours 47min.


He completes his first Two Oceans Ultra marathon in March 2013.

Hein completes the Dessert Dash 369km mountain bike race from Windhoek to
Swakopmund in December 2012.

Two-times winner of the Argus cycle race blind tandem category 2011/2012.

Hein became the first blind person to complete the 2011 ABSA Cape Epic (the Tour de France of mountain biking): 707km over 8 days climbing more than 15 000 meters.


On 6 October 2009 Hein broke the World Blind Land Speed Record becoming the fastest blind driver in the world by averaging a speed of 322.5km/h in a Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series.


Hein has completed both the Hong Kong and New York City Marathons.

He has skydived from a height of ten thousand feet and bungee-jumped from one of the highest bridges in the world.

In February 2006 Hein became the first blind person in the world to cycle solo over a distance of thirty-nine kilometres.


He was the first South African to brake a World Land Speed Record in September 2005 reaching a speed of 269 km/h in a Maserati Gran Sport.


He was a player in the South African blind cricket team that won the World Cup in India during the inaugural Blind Cricket World Cup in 1998.

He completed the Cape to Rio Yacht Race at the age of 22.

Entertainment Background

Hein is a man of many talents. He is also a sought-after Master of Ceremonies or After Dinner speaker, as well as model and actor. With his striking good looks and inimitable style, he’ll add the X-factor to your event or advertising campaign.
He recently perform as lead character in a Metaxa advertisement.

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Brand Ambassador Background

Hein was appointed as brand ambassador of the Institute for the Blind in 2014, renamed Kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope is the central hub for blind progression in South Africa, and soon the world. If you’re reading this with your eyes, Kaleidoscope is here to change your perceptions and show you how the blind can become leaders in this world, integrating into the workforce, society and everything in-between. If you’re reading this with your fingertips, Kaleidoscope is here to help you grow, tapping into limitless abilities and reaching every goal you’ve set. Kaleidoscope is a place of learning, development and progression. For those with sight and without.

We can change how the world sees the blind, and how the blind see the world.

All it takes is a change of perspective.

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