Motivational Talks


This presentation takes the audience on a moving journey of Hein’s view on the world he lives in. He shares some of his light and dark moments as well as his personal recipe to achieve extraordinary results.

Hein recommends this keynote for any kind of conference or seminar that deals with any theme or topic including sales, marketing, leadership, strategic planning, team building, project planning / kick-off or just pure staff motivation.


This presentation is guaranteed to open the eyes of those that are simply too lazy to see. It is loaded with humour and suitable for diverse audiences of all ages, religions and cultures. Hein leaves the audience with the burning question: “I am blind… What is your excuse..?”

Hein recommends this talk for corporate dinners, award ceremonies, gala & fundraising events, product launches etc. Basically any function, formal or informal.

A slightly adapted version of this talk is also available for schools, colleges and universities.


The team building session kicks off with an all round introduction that is followed by a 45-minute powerful and emotional motivational talk. This moves the audience into a dimension of positive thinking.

The talk is followed by an interactive session that includes a number of exercises to improve the level of understanding, respect and sense of belonging within the group.

Hein contracts confidentiality with the group and through the above mentioned techniques create an environment of trust wherein people share on a deeper level to ultimately have a far better understanding of everyone in the group/team.