“Thank you Hein. Your talk was beautifully synergistic with our conference theme - to get to where you need to be - be prepared to work for it and believe. That we can achieve it. And your themes of being bold and brave enough. The only thing worse than being blind is having sight without vision. And I believe that we’ve set the North Star. It appears that your blindness was not a challenge but an opportunity for a vibrant life. And that actually there is always a way to get things done if you really want to especially from a sensorial pov. Thank you for your lessons of persistence, appreciation, chasing your dreams; trust; and giving what you’ve got. most importantly your sense of humour. You have inspired us to be a better version of ourselves. As an able bodied person I can do more and be more. Anything is clearly possible.”
Taryn Correia
“Every once in a while someone special crosses your path. Hein Wagner is a household name in Cape Town, South Africa. For many years we followed his journey and achievements. But only in the written format or more recently on social media platforms. Meeting Hein though is a different story. He is charismatic, energetic and passionate about his cause. He delivered a most remarkable account of his achievements in the most relaxed and humorous manner. He had our staff (even the most stoic men) in tears and fits of laughter. His message is clear and simple: I am blind and have and will continue to achieve so much. What is your excuse? This message will resonate with us all every time we face what we think is a challenge. Thank you Hein for your message. It was indeed a privilege to have you address our staff here in Cape Town.”
Theda Doman