Hein having dinner in Joburg


A unique and unforgettable experience without comparison.

What?: A three course meal is served in total darkness.

How?: Hein facilitates the evening and guides the guests through their experience in the dark. As there are a number of technical requirements to hosting Dinner in the Dark, Hein prefers using preselected venues for this event. The venue is blocked out completely ensuring that no light seeps in.

Please Note: mobile phones, lighters and watches that glow in the dark will be kept in safe keeping during dinner.

Guests do not see the venue prior to the event and are normally unaware of the fact that they will be served dinner in total darkness. The venue is loaded by table and guests meet their highly skilled blind waiter, who will assist them to their table, in the dark. Guests are not aware that their waiters are blind. This will only be revealed once the lights are switched on.

Why: With one sense temporarily removed guests have to rely on their other four senses and the people around them to navigate through the evening. This concept can be linked to various themes including:
Leadership and Respect

Hein can tailor-make the messaging of Dinner in the Dark to suite your company’s core values and/or goals, product launches, client experiences and staff motivation etc.

Dinner in the Dark Quick facts:
Suitable for 20 – 250 guests
No light generating devices will be allowed into the venue
Venue loaded table by table 
Detailed table list including dietary requirements essential