Hein Kayaking in Anarctica

Personal Achievements

He was the first South African to break a World Land Speed Record in September 2005 reaching a speed of 269 km/h in a Maserati Gran Sport:

“In 2005 I drove a Masirati at 269.3 KM/h braking the world blind land speed record. 2 years later a blind Belgium guy topped my record by driving a Lamborghini at 308 KM/h.  I went back at it in 2009 and reclaimed the world record by driving a SL65 AMG Black series at 322.52 KM/H.”

He was a player in the South African blind cricket team that won the World Cup in India during the inaugural Blind Cricket World Cup in 1998.

He has tackled the white waters of the Zambezi River in a rubber raft.

He completed the Cape to Rio Yacht Race at the age of 22.

He has run several Marathons and climbed the 10 highest mountains in the Western Cape.

He achieved Western Province colours for athletics (1989 & 1990).

Hein also performed his autobiographical show, Bat Magic, at all the major art festivals in South Africa.

He completed his APM (Advanced Professional Management) through the Open University of London.

Ironman 70.3:

“Over the last year I’ve completed 3 Ironman 70.3 events.  The event is made up of 3 disciplines i.e. swimming, cycling and running.  The distances for the 70.3 is 1.9 km swim, 90 km cycle and a 21.1 km run.  WE are currently training for the full Ironman in P.E. during April this year and the full Ironman distances are a 3.8 km swim, 180 km cycle and a full marathon 42.2 km run.  All in one day.”

As a blind person tackling extreme adventures it requires very detailed planning, loads of trust in your partner and lots of self belief.  We can discuss the different aspects of the planning, trust, partnerships and communication with the audience.

 “I’m further planning to pilot a Boeing 747 – 400 from London to South Africa later this year to raise 1 million pounds towards the Kaleidoscope.  The Kaleidoscope is a foundation I started somewhat 4 years ago to help make the world as we know it a more accessible place for persons living with disabilities.”